Recovering Just Arrived Plants

How to Recovering Just Arrived Plants

Houseplants are stressed enough when they are shipped, the conditions are unpredictable. Some plants come in good condition, sometimes with dry leaves, sometimes even with leaves that start to rot. Important to know exactly how to handle the plant that you received.

Here are some general tips you may need to know about how to recover the plants after they just arrived.

Clean and cut the root. Cleaning the roots gently under running water and removing all brown, mushy roots. Dont forget to cut the healthy root just above the damaged area.

Always remember; few healthy roots are much better than retaining a lot of roots but slowing your plants recovery.

Remove any dry or dead leaves. Dry or dead leaves is common for the plant with long trip shipping across nations. All you need to do is, remove any dead or damaged leaves to help the plant and optimize the growth of new leaves.

Keep in water or moist soil. Pay attention to the condition of the plant you just received and provide the appropriate handler. For low stressed plants putting the plants in moist soil will be okay. If the plants comes with heavily damaged roots, a water propagation is recommended at least for the first 2 weeks.

For better result use root stimulant for heavily damaged roots. 1 litre of water with 1 milliliter root stimulant.

Increase air humidity. By increasing the humidity can help the plant transition to their new environment. Especially if you have a plant that needs high humidity to thrive.

Avoid direct sunlight. Remember, the plant has been shipped in a completely dark box, potentially for days even a week, so tread lightly when you receive it. Even if the plant is a sun-lover, you need to harden off your plant a bit. Allow it to adjust in "bright indirect" light for a couple weeks before you start to give it direct sun.

Be sure to do all these steps above with proper when buying plants online that ship across nations, as it will give your new houseplants the best shot to living. There are numerous newbie mistakes that many people make when they receive their plants. It is important to get it right from the beginning so you can achieve the best results.

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